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Volunteer Appreciation

Email Pat Wiley for your orientation in September! What is the name of your organization? When and where do you meet? I’m happy to attend your meeting for a quick presentation, which will make your volunteer experience even more valuable. Thanks! Pat


Volunteers Impact Parks (VIP) Guidelines

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To provide quality volunteer services for the Parks & Recreation Department as needed for Special Events, Parks programs and RCN functions in an effort to “connect the community through people, parks, and programs”.


  • VIP Liaison
  • General Members

Member Eligibility

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be flexible with hours and duties that may change
  • Must be able to make quick decisions and use common sense with a clear focus on solving problems
  • Cannot do the same work as a VIP if volunteer is a City of Pearland employee
  • Volunteer service cannot be court-ordered
  • Must be able to stand and walk for a minimum of one hour
  • Willing to work early morning hours, sometimes at 5:30 a.m.
  • Must work a minimum of 10 hours per year
  • With a pleasant attitude, must provide quality service to attendees and staff as part of the City of Pearland’s mission

Joining Process

  • Volunteer application and background check
  • Once application and background check has been completed, the Volunteer Coordinator will give the applicant’s email and phone information to the VIP Liaison to contact the applicant
  • The applicant will interview with the VIP Liaison
  • Approved applicants will be given:
    • Copy of the VIP Guidelines
    • VIP polo shirt
    • List of the events with dates for the year in order, to include the event dates in their schedules

Grounds for Dismissal

If a member...

  • Fails to follow the VIP Guidelines
  • Fails to work a minimum of 10 hours per year
  • Creates any action which may bring discredit to the Parks & Recreation Department or the VIP group such as misconduct or a safety violation

Process for Dismissal

A complaint against any member alleging misconduct, safety violation, or any action which may bring discredit to the Parks & Recreation Department or the VIP group will be forwarded to the Volunteer Coordinator and the VIP Liaison for investigation. Both the VIP Liaison and the Volunteer Coordinator will make every effort to find the truth of the matter by interviewing the complainant, witnesses and the accused member to obtain evidence and the team will render a decision.

Members’ Duties

  • Picking up supplies and/or safety equipment for members to use during events
  • Wear safety clothing when appropriate
  • Working with Parks & Recreation staff for vendor set-up and check-in
  • Assist with parking, shuttles, clean-up, along with any duties that may be requested for an event
  • Must contact the VIP Liaison in the event the member is unable to fulfill their commitment to an event a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event if possible

VIP Liaison’s Duties

In addition to members’ duties:

  • Attend meetings with Special Events Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Connect with members concerning upcoming event details
  • Coordinate VIP members duties and shifts for events
  • Reports the members hours to Volunteer Coordinator at the conclusion of each event
  • Recruit and interview perspective VIP members
  • Dismiss VIP members
  • Meet member eligibility requirements
  • Liaison will serve 2 year terms
  • Liaison will be voted in by a 2/3 majority of the active VIP members

VIP Job Descriptions

Possible Job descriptions per each event for VIP members:

Winterfest (traditionally, last Saturday of January):

  • Vendor check-in before day of event
    • Help organize and set up Winterfest vendor locations on site
    • VIPs use radios to communicate vendor check-in, provided by Special Events Coordinator
  • Day of event
    • Critical time - Work approximately 6:30-10:30 a.m. with 5-6 VIPs needed
    • Check in remaining vendors
    • Members who are able to stay can help where needed: shuttles, clean-up, etc.

Paws in the Park (traditionally, last weekend of March):

  • Vendor check-in
  • Critical time: 1 hour before the event to help set up water stations
  • During event
    • Assist with race directions until race completed
    • Assist with any set-up and clean-up as needed

Concerts in the Park (every Friday in May and June):

  • Critical time: 6-6:30 p.m. until approximately 8:15 p.m. with 5-6 VIPs
    • Every Friday evening in May and June assist with parking
    • Assist with Parks & Recreation personnel as needed

Celebration of Freedom, July 4th event:

  • July 3 - help set up vendor locations & help decorate venue
  • July 4 - Critical time: 1/2 hour before vendor check-in begins, with 4-5 VIPs
    • Work until about 1/2 hour after vendor check-in concludes, per Event Coordinator. VIPs use radios to communicate vendor check-in, provided by Special Events Coordinator
    • After vendor check-in, members who are able to stay can help with shuttles, various tasks delegated by Volunteer Coordinator and eventually taking down decorations/clean-up

Trick or Treat Trail (traditionally, October 31, Halloween evening):

  • Day before event, VIP Liaison helps organize where vendors can park in locations set aside by Event Coordinator.
  • Critical time on day of event: One hour before vendors scheduled for check-in and ½ hour after cut off time for vendor check-in, 5-6 VIPs
  • Day of the event: Check-in remaining vendors, help with shuttles, gates, and parking
    • Mark locations for vendors on day of event at location
    • VIPs use radios to communicate vendor check-in, provided by Special Events Coordinator
    • After vendor check-in, VIPs are welcome to volunteer for the event with preapproval from the Volunteer Coordinator

Hometown Christmas Festival Tree Lighting (traditionally, first Friday in December):

  • Provide help with crowds if needed

Hometown Christmas Parade (traditionally, first Saturday in December):

  • Critical time: 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after floats required to set up
  • Duties as needed for event, which may include:
    • Day of parade - help set up float locations during the day
    • Check-in floats and walkers who are participating in the parade
    • Help Parks staff line up floats as they enter parade route
    • Direct traffic to get floats out of parking lot and onto parade route
    • Block off selected side streets and parking lots to keep non-parade vehicles from entering parade route