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Be Prepared for Winter Weather

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Before it snows . . .North King Street in the snow

Have a Family Emergency Plan
Most snow events in the Town of Leesburg are only a few inches, with roads open and cleared within 48 hours. Occasionally, we do get a severe snow or ice storm that makes travel dangerous and causes power outages for several days. Are you prepared to be home-bound for two or three days? What if you can't get home - does your family know what to do then? The Town of Leesburg's Citizen Emergency Preparedness Guide is a good resource for putting together a plan and knowing what supplies you should have on hand.


When snow is in the forecast . . .

Olde Izaak Walton Park in the snow

Clear the roadway
Remove vehicles, trash cans, toys and other items from the public right-of-way to assist in snow removal operations once it does start to snow.

Clear storm drain inlets
If you notice leaves, trash or other debris blocking a storm drain inlet, please remove the material in front of the inlet. Blocked storm drain inlets can lead to localized street or yard flooding.  

Stay informed
Here are some sources of information about winter storms and related events:

Town Preparations
When snow is in the forecast, but before snow starts falling, Town crews will begin preparations for snow removal operations. These preparations may include applying a brine solution to Town streets, spreading salt or sand on Town streets, checking storm drain inlets throughout Town for blockages and other activities in preparation for snow plowing and removal operations.



Ida Lee Drive in the snowOnce it starts snowing . . .

Snow Emergency Declaration
Once there is enough snow or ice accumulation to warrant plowing, the Town will declare a "Snow Emergency." Vehicles parked on the street along Snow Emergency Routes (see map here) must be removed from the street to facilitate snow removal operations. Vehicles not removed from Snow Emergency Routes may be towed, at the owners' expense. Snow Emergency declarations will be posted on the homepage of the Town website, the Town's Facebook page and the Town's Twitter account.

Town Snow Removal Operations
Once a Snow Emergency is declared, Town crews will begin active snow removal operations. For more information, visit the Snow Removal Operations page.

Snow Hotline Activation
Whenever a snow emergency is declared, the Town operates a Snow Hotline (703-777-SNOW or 703-777-7669) for residents to call with questions about snow removal operations or to report problems. The Snow Hotline will remain active until the snow emergency is lifted.

Snow Hotline 703-777-SNOW


Snow and ice-related problems can also be reported using our online form.



South King Street in the snowAfter the snow stops falling . . .

Clear your sidewalk
Town Code requires property owners, both residential and commercial to clear the public sidewalks adjacent to their properties of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of the snow or ice event. If ice is present and cannot be removed, it should be covered with sand, kitty litter or similar substance that will allow pedestrians safe passage. Snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking areas must not be pushed into the street or other Town right-of-way.

Continue to take safety precautions
Even though a storm may have passed, you should continue to exercise caution. Rising temperatures during the day will cause snow to melt which will refreeze when temperatures drop at night. This thaw/freeze will increase the formation of icicles on eaves and gutters and create icy spots on roadways and sidewalks. Other safety precautions you should take:

  • Clear around any fire hydrants near your house.
  • Ensure your house numbers and any street signs are clear of snow and visible to emergency crews.
  • Do not put tree limbs or branches at the curb for brush collection until after snow removal operations are complete. The Town suspends brush collection during active snow removal operations.
  • Clear snow from around storm drain inlets.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially those with limited mobility.

Understand the Town's snow removal priorities
In order to make the most efficient use of the Town's resources, the Department of Public Works & Capital Projects has established snow removal priorities, based on the type of roadways. Primary routes - the minimum transportation network required to provide access for police, fire and rescue units - are the first priority. Other Town-maintained streets are the second priority. Some streets in Town, including most townhome parking courts, are privately maintained and snow removal for those areas is the responsibility of the HOAs. For an interactive map of the Town's snow removal responsibilities and priorities, and other information regarding snow removal operations, visit the Snow Removal Operations page.

Following a snow or ice event, Town crews will work around the clock until all Town-maintained streets are clear of snow or ice.