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Public Information

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The Leesburg Public Information Office serves as the primary source of information about Town services and programs to our residents, businesses, visitors and the news media. The Town uses a variety of communications channels to provide timely, accurate and relevant information, including:

Town Website

The Town’s website ( is the official source of information about the Town of Leesburg.

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Automatic Notifications via Email and Text

Subscribe to one or more of the Town's distribution lists to receive the latest news and updates via email or text. Available topics include press releases, business news, updates on capital projects, alerts about trash collection and more. Click on the image at right to subscribe.



Cable TV Channels

Comcast Channel 67 and Verizon Channel 35 broadcast meetings of the Leesburg Town Council, the Planning Commission, the Board of Architectural Review, and the Board of Zoning Appeals. These meetings are also streamed live on the website.

At other times, these channels broadcast a community bulletin board with information about upcoming Town events and programs. A video of the current bulletin board is available on the Town's YouTube channel.

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Emergency Alerts

Alert Loudoun is a FREE emergency broadcast system that broadcasts need-to-know information from Leesburg Police and Loudoun County Sheriff's Office to individuals via text message, email, or phone.


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