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Please note that when paying Water & Sewer Bills via the Customer Self-Service Portal, ACH or electronic check, errors resulting from incorrect or invalid account or bank routing numbers will be subject to a $50 fee. Please take special care to enter your account and bank routing numbers accurately.

Billing Schedule

The Town of Leesburg is divided into six Water Meter Reading Districts. Bills are sent out on a quarterly basis, according to the billing and mailing schedule. Since all water and sewer services are used by the customer in advance of the bill, bills are due and payable when rendered.

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Late Payments

Bills are considered delinquent or late if payment is not received by the 30th day the bill was rendered. If an account remains unpaid after this date, a 10% late fee will be assessed. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt the customer from payment of late fees. A second reminder notice will be mailed to customers. Second notices must be paid within 15 days to avoid additional charges and prevent shut off.

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Shut-Off Notice

Shut off Notices will be assessed a delinquent account processing fee and be delivered in the form of a door hanger to the service address of the delinquent account. Shut off Notices must be paid the day they are received. All accounts remaining unpaid the following day will be shut off for non-payment. 

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Re-connection of Service

Once a customer has been disconnected for non-payment, the entire past due balance and all fees must be paid before service is restored. If the security deposit was already refunded, re-connection of service will require a new security deposit which will be refunded again after three years of good payment record or upon closing the account. If payment is made before 4:00 p.m. on the disconnection date, we will make every attempt to reconnect service on that day. Please note that it may take up to one full business day to restore service.

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Utility Service Trips

A trip fee will be charged for second and subsequent visits during the regular work day hours to a service location for the same activity necessitated by the failure of the customer to be present. A trip fee will also be charged when a customer misses a scheduled appointment. An after hours trip fee will be charged for visits outside the regular work day including re-connection of service from shut off if paid after 4:00 p.m.

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Water Meter Tampering

Water meters are the property of the Town of Leesburg. Removing or tampering with a water meter can result in a tampering fee. When a customer reactivates service after service has been discontinued by the Town, a fee for tampering (unauthorized activation) shall be paid before service will be resumed.

  • Customers must apply for water service before the service is activated. Any person using the water without properly applying for service will be charged a tampering fee.
  • Any customer who has been cut off due to non payment and tampers with or removes the lock from a meter will be charged a tampering fee.

Per Town Code Section 34-22, it is illegal for any unauthorized person (including a licensed plumber) to alter, tamper with, relocate, willfully damage or bypass a water meter. Any persons violating this section shall be subject to the fullest extent of the law including the cost of replacement or repair, including material.

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Water Meter Testing

Water meters may be tested by the Town or as requested by a customer. The water meter test shall be performed in accordance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standards Methods Latest Revision on a certified test bench.

If, as the result of a customer requested test (performed in accordance with American Water Works Association Standards Methods latest revision), the meter registers accurate, the customer shall be charged a meter testing fee.

If, as the result of a customer requested test (performed in accordance with American Water Works Association Standards Methods latest revision) the meter registers inaccurately, the customer shall not be charged for the test.

In the event the test results indicate that the meter is faulty or inaccurate, the meter shall be calibrated or replaced, and a billing adjustment shall be made. The billing adjustment shall be made for that billing cycle based on the customer’s typical average twelve (12) month gallon usage.

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Leak Check

Leak checks may be requested by a customer. If an underground leak in the water service line is determined, the customer shall not be charged for the leak check. If no leak or a leak other than underground is determined, the customer shall be charged a leak check fee. If an underground leak is determined, refer to the Leak Adjustment Policy for the guidelines regarding a credit to the account.

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Question About Your Bill?

You can submit questions using our online Water & Sewer Billing Questions form, or you may contact the Utilities Department at 703-771-2713.

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