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Open or Close a Water and Sewer AccountFaucet

You may start or stop water and sewer service with the Town of Leesburg by completing and submitting an online application.

Effective July 1, 2012, tenants must have an authorization form signed by the landlord or agent prior to establishment of water service in the tenant's name. The authorization form serves as an acknowledgment by the property owner that the tenant is establishing service and any unpaid water bills could cause a lien to be placed on the landlord’s property. The Town will not be held responsible for a delay in water being turned on if the form is not submitted.

There is a $30 initial service charge, along with a $150 security deposit for a residential account and small commercial users. Security deposits are refunded after three years of good payment record (12 consecutive quarters with no late payments) or upon closing the account. The security deposit for a heavy commercial user account is 100% of anticipated quarterly usage with a $250.00 minimum deposit.

We need a minimum of 24 hours notice to start or stop service Monday through Friday. Contact us by 3:00pm on Friday to start or stop service on the following Monday. We do not initiate or terminate service on weekends and holidays, and your request will be processed on the next business day.