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Sign Up For Emergency Alerts

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Alert Loudoun / Leesburg

Receive free alerts for emergency situations...
Alert Loudoun / Leesburg is a FREE emergency broadcast system that broadcasts need-to-know information from Leesburg Police and Loudoun County to individuals you sign up to receive alerts.

Sign up today to be alerted on:

  • Wanted & Missing Persons
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Terror Alerts
  • Weather Emergencies
  • Alerts from various Loudoun County departments such as
    • Schools
    • Sheriff
    • Fire Rescue / Emergency Management



CityProtect (previously CrimeReports)

Receive free alerts for criminal activity in your neighborhood and community . . .

CityProtect (previously CrimeReports) is a FREE web-based system that allows the Leesburg Police to share crime data with the public, in near real-time. Community members can access their neighborhood crime information for free, empowering them to make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their families, friends, property and the community at large.

Sign up today for automated email notification of criminal activity occurring in your neighborhood.   Crime data is presented in a searchable crime list format including search by crime type, location, date, etc.   Crime list is automatically updated and mapped for high-impact, easy-to-understand crime reporting including, street map and satellite views.

Note: CityProtect will only display selected criminal/traffic incidents that meet UCR reporting standards and there may be a delay from the time the incident is reported until it is recorded.

For more information on these services, please  contact  the Public Information Officer at  703-771-4538.