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Peddler, Canvasser, and Solicitor Permits

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Peddlers, canvassers, and solicitors (door-to-door sales people), excluding charitable groups such as scouts and school groups, are required to have a business permit from the Town.  These permit applications are not available for download on the website since they require additional information or documentation.

Solicitors must apply for a permit in person at the Finance Counter on the 1st floor of Town Hall (25 West Market Street) during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

Solicitors operating within the Town of Leesburg corporate limits must have both a Loudoun County permit as well as a Town of Leesburg permit. The Loudoun County solicitor permit must be obtained prior to applying to the Town of Leesburg, and presented at time of application.

Leesburg solicitor permits are valid for 30 consecutive days for a non town resident, and 1 year for town residents, from the date issued. The application fee is $20. Solicitors intending to operate longer than 30 days can re-apply for another 30-day permit.

For inquiries about solicitor permits, please email or call 703-771-2723.


Peddler, Canvasser, and Solicitor Regulations (Town Code Chapter 20, Article XII):

  • No person shall canvass, peddle, or solicit except between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • Peddlers, Solicitors, and canvassers shall provide a written receipt to the payee bearing the amount of payment, the balance due and terms of payment, and the purpose for each transaction at the time of the transaction. 
  • No person shall approach a home, residence, or business for the purpose of peddling, or soliciting, where such home or residence is posted with a sign stating “no peddlers or solicitors” or words of a similar meaning. 
  • No person shall make any assertion, representation or statement of fact that misrepresents the purpose of
    his/her call on a home, residence, or business or use any plan, scheme, or use which misrepresents such purpose. 
  • No person licensed under this chapter shall use the fact of being licensed so as to lead the public to believe
    that such licensing represents an endorsement or approval by the Town. 
  • The Town of Leesburg solicitor permit must be carried along with a valid Loudoun County solicitor permit in order to be considered valid.