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About the Committee


The Standing Residential Traffic Committee (SRTC) is an advisory body appointed in accordance with the recommendations of the Residential Traffic Management Plan. The SRTC implements a systematic approach to resolving documented residential traffic concerns that assures that all registered issues or complaints will be judged in accordance with adopted criteria, promoting uniformity and predictability in outcomes and increasing confidence in the fairness of the process and the handling of individual concerns. The SRTC offers recommendations regarding other traffic-related issues at the request of the Town Council or Town Manager and is charged with evaluating and proposing specific traffic calming projects. 

The committee consists of seven residents, a Planning Commission representative, a member of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company, and staff representatives from the departments of Public Works, Planning & Zoning and Police.

Committee Members

Citizen Representatives Term Ends
Sandy Grossman, Chair  2020
Brian Caney 2022
John Burnham  2020
Deepan Patel 2022
Jeff Phillips 2022
Suzanne Smart 2020
Julie Sisson 2020
 Kelly Burk, Council Liaison  TERM
Other Representatives

Jimmy Csizmadia, Vice Chair
(Loudoun County Fire and Rescue)

Kari Nacy (Planning Commission) TERM
Scott Parker (Leesburg Planning & Zoning Department) N/A
Calvin Grow (Leesburg Public Works Department) N/A
Jaime Sanford, Lieutenant (Leesburg Police Department) N/A


Group Email Address:

Staff Liaison:  Calvin Grow, Transportation Engineer, accepts correspondence on behalf of the committee.


2020 Meeting Packets

Additional meeting documents, including approved SRTC meeting minutes for the current year, are available for download here. For previous years' meeting minutes, contact the Staff Liaison.