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Leesburg Business Directory

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Thank you for visiting the Leesburg Business Directory!  Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of businesses in Leesburg so that products and services can be readily located. Local purchases have a ripple effect in the Leesburg community.  Here’s why:

  • It stimulates your local economy – If you are a Leesburg business owner or resident, purchasing goods or services from your neighbors helps their businesses grow and increases the tax base.
  • The unique businesses in Leesburg define the character of the Town -  Supporting the uniqueness and individuality of Town businesses helps the character, personality, and authenticity of the Town shine through. These characteristics encourage repeat shoppers eager to do business again.
  • It enhances product and service diversity – Using products and services from local producers makes your business more interesting to the consumer. It creates a vibrant, interesting business community that encourages growth and attracts new customers.  

We hope this resource is helpful in finding local products and services.  If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Scoggins in the Economic Development Office at

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